Achaco Cleaning Systems

Cleaning and Disinfection Services


The company Achaco Cleaning services with 20 years of successful presence in the cleaning and disinfection services proceeds to the digital upgrade of its processes through the jobWatch software.

By choosing JobWatch the company managed to:

✅ Creates digitally the program of the workshops without the use of forms
✅ Monitors in real time the exact location of workshops and vehicles
✅ Save 10 hours per week for archiving
✅ Serve 2-3 extra customers on a daily basis thanks to the best planning
✅ It has a history for each customer on a platform that has saved them 10-20 forms per customer.
✅ Provides the client the worksheet digitally

The Director of the company Andri Charalambous said:

“For a very long time we have been looking for a program to get our customers in and the work we do to each other. The friendly software environment allows us to build the workshop program with just a few clicks, putting the work in the program at the same time This promptness saves us a lot of time that in the past we needed to call the technician continuously and confirm that he will go to do the job. When the customer calls and asks if the technician is approaching “The meeting they have, we are able to answer thanks to the GPS that the vehicles have. A great advantage of the program is that it provides technicians with the ability to issue offers and invoices at the customer’s place.”

Carolina in charge of the office said:

”Before the program we had a big problem in knowing every month which customers we have to visit to clean the carpets, mattresses, etc. Now with JobWatch we have created the card of each customer in the program and we have set notifications that we receive automatically when it approaches the time of the scheduled visit. It is also important for me that we can create the price list of each customer so that we are able to price correctly.”

Doing our research we saw that JobWatch can and does offer all of the above on a single platform.