Greson Easy Loo


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GRESON EASY LOO LTD has been active in the field of mobile, biological toilets for 20 years in the context of sales, rentals, maintenance and repairs, with headquarters and premises in Mosfiloti, Larnaca.

The company’s product range includes mobile toilets and trailers for construction sites as well as for all types of events (such as weddings, banquets, concerts), for public spaces (beaches, parkings, picnic areas, parks), for the army and government sections, in kiosks, schools and camps.

Recently, a new section has been created related to the construction, sale and rental of prefabricated offices that are also widely used on construction sites but also in various events and individuals.

Trying to cope with its growing course, the company was looking for a simple and user-friendly program to be able to manage mainly its fleet of vehicles with GPS, the total working time of its drivers and make comparisons to improve the quality of services.

By choosing JourneyWatch the company managed to:

✅ Manages its fleet of vehicles.
✅ Coordinates drivers with the office through the JourneyWatch application.
✅ Help drivers find an address they are unable to locate.
✅ It can access the program from any device because it is Cloud.
✅ Receives alerts regarding the next service and road behavior of its drivers, such as speeding.

Latinka, responsible for vehicle management, said:

“The program is a great help for us. I can see in real time where our vehicles are, the history of the routes and how many hours each driver worked daily. This data gives me the necessary information I need to be able to cost correctly each customer.

We have also set up some notifications in the program to be informed when our cars need oil change, MOT, next service, etc.

Finally, since we have all this data in one environment, we can run various reports at the end of each month to check the total working time of each driver, the total kilometers traveled by the cars, as well as the costs in relation to what we received per work.”