Handy’s Security

Security Services, Field Service


Handy’s Security was the first company in Cyprus to believe in and invest in JobWatch (integrated software management program for customers, customers, stock and fleet of vehicles) to digitize its processes in the office (backoffice) and field technicians (field staff).

Company Director Andys Sofroniou said:
“In the past, technicians received their work in hard copy.

They took the documents with each client to sign and note the details of the work.

But the office had no idea what was going on with the crews in the field.

Now, after completing the daily program, they brought the forms to the office the same day or the next morning to take the necessary actions (invoices, offers, rescheduling, etc.).

Think of it all as a thing of the past and these processes have been replaced with a few clicks.

Now, our technicians get the work done on their tablets / mobiles, without delays. They are able to see the customer details and the history of visits with just one click.

The office can upload attachments in real time, such as sales orders, invoices and floor plans of buildings, which helps them a lot in their organization.

The staff in the office is LIVE connected to the program and the work planner knows the exact location of the workshops and the progress of each work at any time.

While the workshops are at the customer’s place, they have all the required documents in digital form and fill them in digitally. Upon completion of the work, the client signs on the tablet and at the same time the office and the client receive a copy of the work form.

At the end of each task, we also have a customer satisfaction questionnaire that is automatically sent to customers via SMS or email.

Now the office is checking the completed work. For example, if a job needs to be reprogrammed, the office clicks on a work schedule to avoid delays.”

Top 10 Reasons Handy’s Has Saved Thousands in the Last Two Years by Going Paperless:

  1. 2-4 additional tasks per technician / driver per day.
  2. 2 hours less travel time per mobile worker / technician per day.
  3. Save 30 minutes for both the mobile worker / technician and the office staff for the exchange of customer data.
  4. Save 2 hours per day for office staff.
  5. 20% reduction in fuel per month.
  6. Immediate completion of worksheets by sending to the client.
  7. Zero paper usage since all procedures are done digitally.
  8. Maximum customer service.
  9. 0 Incomplete tasks.
  10. 100% reduction in storage space.