Ten Reasons! Why Ain’t no stopping us now! Were on the move!

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Three weeks lockdown, here we go again, sounds complicated? Well, because we use JobWatch Field service management software, not really. Check out below ten reasons why using JobWatch software is just another ordinary day for our Operator working from home and coordinating our Service and Installation teams.👍

1. Operator Easily schedules any job from one technician to another while at the same time technician schedule is updated on their tablet
2. The Operator has Complete visibility of Customer confirmation and cancellations.
3. SMS & email appointment confirmation sent to the client, keeping the customer informed the exact time and appointment date avoiding any misunderstandings.
4. The Operator has Job by Job live tracking of each Job as it happens.
5. Instantly reschedule incomplete jobs
6. Client results & signatures completed on the Job Card
7. No need to worry if the client cancels Job as you can easily drag and drop to a confirmed new appointment.
8. The technician carries out his Job with clear customer comments
9. Instant contact details address details and history jobs details for you.
10. Technicians can start at home and finish at home—no need to come to the office.

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📌If you would like to find out how to easily coordinate your mobile services from home then click the link https://www.handysecurity.com/big-change/ . you can also reach ☎77787707 ( 24/7 ) and leave your contact details https://www.handysecurity.com/contact/