THORAX Integrated Pest Management

Pest Control Services


The company THORAX I.P.M holds a leading role in pest management by offering the services of Pancypria.

What is our vision and values?

A combination of scientific principles, experience and knowledge of natural processes, I.P.M promotes environmentally friendly practices, allowing us to operate at the optimum level of safety and cleanliness for our customers. Another important element of I.P.M is the commitment to the training of our customers and the effective communication in home and commercial environments.

Our technicians, based on their knowledge and experience, examine your area, looking for signs of infection and identifying the parasites that cause damage or discomfort. They propose complete, personalized solutions and offer a solution to the problem with approved methods and biocides.

Looking for a complete and integrated software program for managing work and clients lately, Thorax Integrated Pest Management decides to digitize its processes with JobWatch.

What are the advantages that the company acquires by applying JobWatch?

✅ Manages clients and tasks digitally (CRM & Job Scheduling)
✅ Communicates the office (backoffice) with the crews in real time through the JobWatch application
✅ Convert all print processes to digital (Digital Workflows)
✅ Health & Safety Checklist for technicians on compliance with safety and personal protection measures
✅ E-Signature where the customer can sign on the technician’s tablet or mobile phone.
✅ Electronic invoicing (e-invoicing)

The CEO of the company Savvas Vanezis said:

“In the difficult period we are going through due to covid-19, we made this big decision to implement the JobWatch software to digitize our workflow and provide our customers with the maximum possible service.”