10 Reasons to let us do the CCTV Monitoring for you

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1. Free new Security Cameras Installed! Enjoy the latest Security Cameras Free of charge
2. Save Thousands each month! Typically 25-60% less than security guards
3. One monthly fee! No hidden costs
4. Never Sleeps! We never take a break from monitoring your site
5. You name it will monitor it! Simultaneous views at any time
6. Quicker police response times Instant Verified crimes in progress mean quicker police response time
7. We inspire you to feel safe! Helps ensure the safety of your staff
8. Records logs events 24/7 Provides video evidence to help document incidents
9. Live Power Failure Instant alert if there are any electrical Disruptions
10. Live to break down Alerts Free Servicing of CCTV operation

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