Fire Alarm Systems

We install addressable and non addressable monitored fire alarms . Whether it is a block of flats or a small business. When we say “Security At Its Best” that’s exactly what we mean. We will design a system that meets your requirements and that complies with all current regulations. So your home or business is fully protected from fire. We always ask your opinion and budget although there is certain criteria that must be followed when installing a fire alarm, we do our best consider your views. From this we can offer you a free on site quotation, a guide price for a basic compliant system and then we can discuss adding areas of your property or business you feel may also need protecting.

Serving & Repairing Your Fire Alarm

 It’s extremely important your fire alarm is serviced and maintained. We offer full service contracts for domestic and commercial businesses. During these service visits every device is tested including battery backup systems, smoke or heat detectors and call points.

Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Systems 

More flexible with better speed of detection and a greater extent of control so we recommend these for commercial properties, especially where more complex systems are required. Throughout the system is a range of individual sounders and detectors. Each detector in the system has a unique ID and the Control Panel receives a report from each one giving it’s status. The status usually goes beyond detecting smoke or fire and can report faults such as contamination from dust or an increase in heat. The sensitivity can be adjusted so that the fault may be checked before a full alarm is sounded.

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

 Recommended for smaller systems and are used throughout the World as a cost effective and reliable system. In contrast to Analogue Addressable Systems, Conventional Systems use a Multipoint detector with the sounder and detector as one. This reduces the cost and installation time although the level of detection is not as controllable as using an Analogue Addressable System.



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