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Terms & Conditions – Christmas Competition

1. The company Handy’s Security Systems (hereinafter referred to as the “Organizer”) creates a contest entitled “Christmas Contest” (hereinafter referred to as the “Contest”). 2. Those who are [...]

Alarm system in your Enterprise! (JA-100)

Why choose Handy’s for your business alarm?   1. Why Handy’s will come to evaluate your space and will suggest the right package for your real personal needs.   2. We will consider: [...]

WHY IS A PANIC BUTTON USEFUL IN A BUSINESS? Security systems are important for protecting your business. Panic systems are a discreet and reliable way to keep your property safe from intruders or [...]

Four in one automated security system

Automated alarm solutions have never been more comfortable with Jablotron JA-100, enjoy having one complete system combining Security Alarm, Security Cameras, Access door Control and Fire alarm. [...]

5 year Monitoring Anniversary

Handy security would like to thank the operating staff Stelios Ioannides, Constantinos Frangopoulos, Panayiotis Andreou Demetris Nalmbantis & Andreas Leonti and everyone involved for keeping [...]

10 false Alarm Reasons why your next-door neighbour’s alarm is driving you mad!

1. Low batteries in security devices can cause false alarms as well as other faults. 2. Excessive dust, spider webs, on sensors can cause a false alarm 3. Hardwired Devises & panel can give [...]