Shop Systems

Electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems are used for inventory control and to prevent theft and similar unauthorized removal of articles from a controlled area.  Electronic article surveillance systems allow the identification of a hard tag or soft label within a given detection area.  EAS systems have many uses, but most often they are used as security systems for preventing shoplifting in stores or removal of property in office buildings.  EAS systems come in many different forms and make use of a number of different technologies.  The two most popular technologies on the market are Radio-Frequency and Acousto-Magnetic systems, which are both included in American Security’s product range.

EAS system functionality:

An electronic article surveillance system detectable label is attached to every article that is to be protected.  When an unauthorized article removal is attempted, the EAS system detects the label as the article crosses the detection zone.  The Electronic Article Surveillance system responds to the detected label with an alarm.  When an article is properly purchased or otherwise authorized for removal from the protected area, the EAS tag/label is either removed or deactivated.  If the EAS tag/label is not removed or deactivated, the EAS system will trigger an alarm:

What can be protected:

  •  men’s, women’s, children’s clothes
  •  leather goods, shoes & accessories
  •  sporting goods & toys
  •  electronic equipment & hardware
  •  books and stationery
  •  video and audio items
  •  glasses of any kind, bottles, etc.
  •  jewellery, lingerie, swimsuits

Footfall Cam
Footfall Cam is an innovative people counting product that is suitable for shopping malls, retail chains, casinos, small shops etc. Footfall Cam’s operation is to count people, analyse their behaviour across stores and generate specially crafted reports for the management in order to improve marketing strategy and therefore enhance store performance.

Footfall Cam is designed to use Wi-Fi and Video technology to achieve its goal. Each customer recorded by the system will have a unique identifier. It is the most accurate people counting system using 3D counting technology. With over 14 years of experience Footfall Cam’s engineering team designed a magnificent and sophisticated product with a Meantime To Failure (MTTF) of 25 years, which corresponds to great investment opportunity.

FootfallCam has a built-in web based analytics software that converts video data along with Wi-Fi analytic data to generate notable business metrics that can be useful for further analysis. Some of those metrics are:

  • Visitor Count – Keep track of how many people entered your store
  • Visit Duration – Measure the time customers stay in your store
  • Outside Traffic – Record people passing by and calculate how often they get in (capable of differentiating on the collected data to determine if a customer entered or not)
  • Returning Customer – See how often customers return
  • Cross Shopping – Identify when a customer visits a different store of yours

Display Protection

Secure your merchandise with the next generation Display Protection System, Vantage II. Through our cooperation with Se-Kure Controls we provide you with top-notch display security products (at your stores).

The Vantage II product is capable of securing electronic equipment that customers consider they need to view and handle before purchasing, like Mobile Phones, Tablets, Electronic Watches, Cameras, Shaving Machines etc.

A Display Protection System is consisted of a base and the sensor. There are two kinds of bases and two kinds of sensors. The bases are split into a Metal and Igloo base, while the sensors exist in Horizontal and Angled position.

Key features

Anti-shoplifting – There is a switch, a tamper-like button, on the device that if pulled from its base will trigger an alarm.

Facilitates devices of diverse sizes – Special grippers allow for different types and size of devices to be fitted in

Customer/User friendly – Due to its attractive and simple design, it is affordable, easy to install and to maintain