Vehicle Tracking Systems

GPS Car Monitoring

With today’s standards, it is most essential to keep track of your drivers. Whether you are in the delivery or courier business, or you have a company that owns a couple of cars minimum, it is imperative you know where they are. Being able to identify the location of your vehicles, you could inform a client with ease regarding the whereabouts of his/her item(s), and it doesn’t stop there.

We understand the challenge businesses face while trying to keep track of their drivers. We provide you with excellent quality GPS Car systems from the infamous Jablotron. There are several strong arguments why the Jablotron GPS Car Monitoring system would fulfill your needs.

Advantages of GPS Car Monitoring

  • Improve route efficiency
  • Gain and maintain customer loyalty. Be able to honestly tell a customer about the arrival time
  • Keep track of employee abuse, hours worked equals hours paid
  • Track the speed of your vehicles. Make sure your drivers drive with safety as their first priority
  • Car on the Map Application. Use our own application to browse the required details you want regarding your vehicles