Three adjustments to your alarm for a carefree holiday

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Three adjustments to your alarm for a carefree holiday

The time of a well-deserved holiday and rest is approaching, and this year perhaps again elsewhere than just in your own garden. To set out on your adventure, make sure that your JABLOTRON alarm is in best possible form. The summer season brings a lot of joy, but it is also the peak period of “uninvited visitors”.

The service technician can check the alarm remotely

If a JABLOTRON alarm protects your security, there is nothing easier than arranging a service inspection with your installation partner.

As is standard with high-quality electronic systems, taking care of it will cost you minimal effort. The technician can quickly determine if everything is OK via a remote connection. He simply checks the correct settings and functionality of your alarm in this way.

If the current situation requires his personal presence, e.g. due to battery replacement, or the need to repair or replace a non-functional device, you can arrange a short visit at a time that suits you best.

Automate everything you need

Are you thinking about who will help you with the house and garden during your vacation? Well, your technician will. At least figuratively. He can set a number of automatic events that the JABLOTRON alarm runs.

Regular garden irrigation? No problem. The system pulls up the blinds every morning or turns on the lights in the evening. The house does not look deserted and discourages thieves from visiting.

The alarm does not feed pets, however you can make arrangements with good friends or neighbours and during your absence allow them temporary access, for example to the garden, shed or house. Even in this case, their every move will be followed by your alarm system.

You can use automation even when you stay at home. Open the garage by flashing your car lights, when entering the house the lights come on automatically, and the heating turns on/off according to your wishes.

An immediate overview thanks to the app

See what’s going on at home whenever you want. You can check the house and garden remotely if you have photodetectors or cameras connected in the system. You can also change the system settings from anywhere with the help of the MyJABLOTRON application. Maybe you could let a courier through the gate or into the garage when he brings you a package of snorkelling equipment. Then you can easily secure it again and you no longer have to worry about anything that is precious to you.

Don’t leave it to the last minute

Contact your technician and choose a suitable date for checking your alarm.

Don’t have a reliable alarm from Jablotron yet? Agree on installing a new security system, so that you go on holiday with a good feeling this year.