10 false Alarm Reasons why your next-door neighbour’s alarm is driving you mad!

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1. Low batteries in security devices can cause false alarms as well as other faults.
2. Excessive dust, spider webs, on sensors can cause a false alarm
3. Hardwired Devises & panel can give false alarms if they’re not wired in properly.
4. System devises such as Magnetic window or door sensors can trigger the alarm if they are not mounted properly this is known a tamper alarm
5. Alarm Panel flat battery can trigger the external sounder upon MAIN power failure.
6. Curtains or plants blown by air conditioning or heaters.
7. Smoke detectors shouldn’t be put too close to stoves, fireplaces, or bathrooms.
8. Someone using it who doesn’t know what they’re doing. That can mean children messing with it, babysitters and other house employees, or even guests.
9. Old Sensors
10. the Most common reason is Forgetting to unset the alarm system upon arriving home

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