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With crime ever increasing we are all trying to take our measures in the best possible way combining maximum security with maximum economy. Security cameras are a way to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our property. A camera surveillance system is connected to a monitor or television to monitor your home. The NVR takes care of recording the image and storing the material. The recorder is equipped with a hard disk in various capacity sizes to store the image according to the size of the system so that it has many days of recording.

  1. Economy: One of the most economical ways to provide home security is with camera surveillance systems. Cameras prevent crime as they are a proven deterrent. There is no price you can put a price on the safety or well-being of your home and family or the peace of mind that comes with installing this system.
  2. Feel safe: Easily monitor your home wherever you are. By combining the latest security technology, the NVRs provide the possibility through a mobile application to connect via your Smartphone, tablet or computer anytime, anywhere, wherever you are. By installing a CCTV system we can even monitor our holiday home from a distance. The CCTV recorder captures through the cameras what is happening in the premises which can be connected to the Handy’s Security Systems Central Station for monitoring and alert you or the police if anything suspicious happens.
  3. The best protection in the event of a fire: Few realize the fact that a camera will protect you from an unpleasant development, i.e. an unexpected fire. Especially in recent years, fires are a common phenomenon in our country. Modern cameras have a heat and fire sensor so they will alert you if something is wrong.
  4. Ease of Installation: Installation becomes easy as there is freedom to install anywhere so that they can protect your property without restrictions.
  5. Image Quality: The security cameras you install in your home should provide you with a good quality image. This is considered one of the most important factors.
  6. It is the number 1 fear of burglars: The burglar when he sees that there is a sign or a camera on the outside of your house will not dare to enter. His movement will be recorded and the possibility of his arrest is likely. The cameras will prevent him from thinking about entering. Outside and around the perimeter of your home, it’s a good idea for the sensors to activate floodlights that will certainly surprise and deter would-be burglars before they even approach your door.
  7. They turn night into day: Night cameras are equipped with infrared LED lighting that can see in color even in total darkness as if the area is illuminated. We use them in areas that have no lighting during the night or outdoors with very low lighting. If we choose infrared cameras, when it gets dark the camera will switch to infrared mode automatically to illuminate the space by activating the built-in infrared photocells. In infrared mode the image is in black and white – this applies to all infrared cameras which point very far even in total darkness.
  8. Minimize the cost of insuring your home: More and more people are choosing to insure their home, but insurance companies take many factors into account when offering their services. To get a convenient home insurance policy you should have security cameras installed. This way you win on many levels and are protected but also get a low contract from the insurance company.
  9. They’re not just for security: Cameras are a valuable ally even for monitoring your pets. If you have one or more pets in your home you will have wondered at some point what they do when you are away. By putting a security camera you protect them by watching even if when you leave your house they lie in your bed.
  10. With a security camera, you miss a lifetime: Summarizing the reasons why someone should have a security camera in their home, we would say that it is the most valuable asset for our mental health. Having installed security cameras, you are sure that you have done almost everything to protect the your home, your family and your property. At night you will sleep calm and confident in the safety of your space. There is no more beautiful feeling than this.