📍 15 Reasons to Install AOSU Wireless Cameras

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New outdoor security cameras, powered by solar energy, with 32 GB local storage. A home security system with a 166-degree lens, exceptional image quality, and 2K clarity.

  1. See Every Detail: True 2K resolution. The 2K QHD outdoor security cameras are 60% improved over 1080p, capturing every detail crystal clear. You can see essential features and record videos with perfect image quality.
  2. Advanced Night Vision: See in the dark with full-color night vision even in low-light conditions. View faces or unknown license plates clearly and playback events instantly through the app.
  3. 365 Days Without Power Outages: 100% wireless surveillance. No need to take down the cameras for charging anymore. The built-in rechargeable battery keeps it running even when the sun sets or clouds gather. AOSU provides user-friendly and convenient security cameras.
  4. No Blind Spots: The ultra-wide-angle lens with an exceptional 166-degree field of view provides complete coverage without blind spots.
  5. Free Local Storage and Advanced Encryption: All data is stored with remote access on the locally secured hardware of the smart camera, without a monthly fee. The integrated 32GB memory provides video recording for up to 4 months. No one can access the material on the central storage base except for you.
  6. Cover Every Angle: With just one tap, you can view all AOSU cameras on one screen simultaneously. Have a live view for up to 4 security cameras at the same time on your phone, providing unparalleled visibility and control of your property. Moreover, you can customize installation positions and angles to have an exceptional, wider overall view on your phone.
  7. Discover Smarter Notifications:
    • Faster Action: Receive instant notifications with a quick preview image directly from your phone’s lock screen.
  8. Activity Zones:
    • Reduce Unwanted Notifications: Receive only meaningful notifications and eliminate unnecessary ones.
  9. Alarm Schedule:
    • Precise Automatic Defense: Set the wake-up time that triggers light and sound in case of motion detection to avoid unnecessary notifications.
  10. Categorized Events:
    • Quick Check: Learn who comes, goes, stays within seconds and quickly locate events of interest.
  11. Automated Events:
    • More Comprehensive Image: Connect events from the same time period from different cameras (Cloud subscription required).
  12. Instant Notifications and 2-Way Talk: Receive immediate alerts when motion is detected. Listen and talk to every visitor with superior audio quality.
  13. Share Your Camera: Protect your property together with your family. Stay informed about what’s happening at home. Never miss a thing.
  14. Ready for Any Weather: Built to withstand weather conditions. Reliable monitoring in any weather or environment. Continue monitoring in rain or shine.
  15. Peace of Mind with AOSU: Warn intruders using the built-in siren and spotlight.



  1. Data storage box (Homebase)
  2. 2-4 security cameras with solar collectors.
  3. USB-C charging cables and an ethernet cable.
  4. AC adapter
  5. Installation manual