24/7 Alarm Monitoring Station!

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We’re There – Even When You Can’t Be – With Dependable, Responsive Monitoring.

We know you can’t be in all places at one time, and it helps to have someone else helping protect your home, family, employees, assets, and inventory.   We also know that real emergencies happen, and that’s when seconds count. Whether you are home or away, we can send for help when you can’t.

Handy’s Security Systems, high tech 24/7 alarm monitoring station will monitor any alarm system and response to the following alarm signals:

―    Burglary Alarm Monitoring
―    Medical Monitoring
―    Fire Monitoring
―    Central Station Service Centre Alerts
―    Safe/Money Monitoring
―    Temperature and Water Monitoring
―    Panic Attack Monitoring
―    Opening and Closing Inspection

Once the signal is received by the 24/7 station, the operators will immediately call the premise in order to confirm that the alarm was not triggered by mistake. If no answer, line us busy or invalid alarm, the Handy Alarm Monitory Station will notify the authorities or emergency personnel (i.e. the police, fire department, doctor etc.) as well as other emergency numbers the subscriber has provided.

When Seconds Matter,  the immediate response to emergency situations, dramatically minimises the potential risk of loss and damage to your property where as the ability to intervene quickly  when medical assistance is needed,  can prevent the physical or psychological deterioration of the patient’s condition or even mean the difference between life and death.

The facility conforms to the most stringent standards and its design is based on extensive experience of operating central stations to ensure uninterrupted service at all times with fully-redundant generators, dual uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and high capacity batteries.

The Handy Alarm Monitoring Station’s personnel are highly trained and are dedicated to helping ensure quality service and safety in your home and workplace whereas the entrance to the building is prohibited to the unauthorized personnel and the area is protected by security systems and CCTV.

The cost of the new service is only €179 a year plus VAT, while existing subscribers of the company for maintenance services will get a 50% discount if they subscribe to the new service by January, 4. 

If you have an installed system that is not monitored, or if you just want to change monitoring services, no problem. Our state-of-the-art monitoring facilities are compatible with virtually any monitoring-enabled system.