6 benefits of Video Monitoring

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Do you want to keep your space safe without the risk of burglary, fire and any other damage but it costs you a lot to guard with the physical presence of a security guard?

Handy’s Security has the solution for you with the Video Monitoring service!

Below we analyze the 6 most important benefits of the service!

1. Prevents malicious actions
In case of violation or malicious action of your home, business or even your car, the central station official prevents and intervenes immediately in any kind of malicious action.

2. Identification of persons and plates
Identify persons and even license plates for people or vehicles that look suspicious or interested in real-time or recorded video. So even the client himself can catch a criminal or a malicious action.

3. Fire and smoke identification
Immediate detection of fire or smoke points even in places where the sensors operate without result. Stay calm, overseeing your space and knowing that everything is working properly.

4. Behavior analysis
Early identification of a person at risk through behavioral analysis, specific postures such as raised arms.

5. Search for recorded videos
Using Playback, you can quickly search for recorded video at a specific time and date with precision of a second and multiple criteria such as movement in specific areas, line intersection, color and even object size.

6. Integration with external systems
It is possible to integrate with external access control systems such as security control panels and cash registers.


HANDY’S SECURITY SYSTEMS provides visual supervision of your space through the central station (home, shop, business space, garage, construction site, etc.) through live video monitoring, according to your wishes and instructions even 24 hours a day, seven days a week. week!

The software used may detect people, vehicles, fire and smoke or unusual behaviors and conditions by notifying HANDY’S trained security personnel who act directly by contacting the emergency services (as appropriate, police or fire department) reporting the incident to take appropriate action before burglary or any other breach or damage to the premises.

Direct monitoring of your space through HANDY’S SECURITY SYSTEMS headquarters can save up to 80%, compared to the standard cost of guarding your space with the physical presence of a security guard.

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