6 reasons to install a modern video door entry system!

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Nowadays, video intercom is the ideal system for upgrading the security of your space.

Handy’s Security has state-of-the-art video door entry systems for homes, apartments and offices. It has a wide variety of cameras and touch screens for every kind of need with basic and advanced functions.

Below we analyze the 6 reasons to install a modern video door entry system.

1. CCTV for home, apartment and office

We have modern video door entry systems with IP, and we provide a wide variety of cameras and touch screens for all kinds of needs, fully covering the needs and requirements of apartment buildings, apartments and business premises. The advanced system used is interwoven with the latest technology and its installation is carried out immediately.

2. Enjoy the tranquility

With video intercom you can control who comes to your home or business and talk to him, day or night using the wide angle camera and night vision with infrared LEDs.

3. Remote control

Through Mobile app wherever you are, you have complete control of your space. Keep unwanted people away from you without getting up from your couch.

4. Save photo

Have you stayed away from home? You can see who has visited you by saving the photos taken from your phone.

5. Answer your bell… as if you were there

Answer the visitor who rings your bell through the video door entry, even from 20 km away. It looks magical. Talk to your visitors once you identify who they are and then unlock your door from your mobile from wherever you are as if you were there.

6. Protect your children and loved ones

Leave your children at home without worrying about who they open up to. Do not let the grandparents who visited them wait on the street while you are at work. Open them from wherever you are.

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