Back to School: Is your home protected when all the family is away?

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It’s September and that automatically means the end of summer vacation and the return to our daily routine; parents return to their usual demanding work schedules, while children go back to school. Though this time of the year is mostly about school-related issues, it is also the time to consider the security of your home due to the many hours that you will leave your house unattended.

So let’s explore a few solutions to monitor your home while you are away:


Most people think that CCTV cameras are suitable for offices and shops only; however the installation of a CCTV camera in your home is also an option to think about. In that way, you will be able to monitor what is happening inside your house when you are not there and at the same time it can act as a deterrent for the burglars, as no one would like to have his/hers image found on the video surveillance. The footage can be accessed in real-time either on a TV or a computer.

Remote Access Systems

One of the most popular solutions to ensure the security of your home is a remote access system which is especially suitable for busy families, as it offers the opportunity to adjust the surveillance according to your schedule. The good thing about the remote access system is that you can have both online and mobile access that enables you to control several functions such as checking the status of your home, arming or disarming the system and watching live video feed. You can also customize the alerts to notify you either by text or phone. The remote access system detects any unauthorized entry and offers state-of-the-art security. It is important that the installer of the system understands the structure of your home in order to install the cameras strategically, in a way that it will exploit all the possibilities that the system can offer you.

Wireless Security

Another way to make your home safe, is by using a wireless security system that actually does what its name implies; it’s battery-operated and uses radio waves without using any electrical wiring. The wireless security system in not only easily installed, but is also easily expandable and upgradeable so you can add in the future more sensors, detectors and cameras. Note that it is very important to place the sensors at the right places in order to make the most out of your wireless security system. (Read here how to place strategically the sensors…)