Four in one automated security system

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Automated alarm solutions have never been more comfortable with Jablotron JA-100, enjoy having one complete system combining Security Alarm, Security Cameras, Access door Control and Fire alarm. Never has been a more straightforward automated and user-friendly security system that combines all security in one building. All that left to decide when choosing a new security system for a new or old building, Apartments or residence if it will be wired or wireless. Save hundreds and thousands on purchasing one complete solution and annual service agreements each year. No matter where you are phones application My Jablotron will save the day:

🔸Set and unset different areas to your alarm
🔸Monitor your cameras
🔸View history events
🔸Unlock door
🔸Open gates and Barrier
🔸Turn on and off Air-condition, heaters
🔸Control Temperature of rooms
🔸Instant Video notification
🔸Instant alarm notification

Protect your home with the world best-integrated alarm system and operate all your systems with My Jablotron get started and click the link to find out more or call us
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