Get Wireless, Get Safe!

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Many mobile phone users are looking for alternatives to traditional wired home security systems.  If you fall into this category, new technologies at Handy’s Security Systems allow us to supply your home with reliable wireless systems that perform the same functions landlines once achieved.

Wireless residential security systems provide unobtrusive installation, fast connections and convenient service. Remote security management is a desirable feature that comes standard with wireless home monitoring systems. Interactive services are available that allows you to access your security system from your smartphone, keep an eye on your home even when you are not there, offsite activation and deactivation, and full control of cameras if you install a video surveillance system.

Gain flexibility in your security options, and customise your home alarm system to fit within your daily life. Do you think a wireless home alarm system is right for your home? Contact us to learn more about tailored options and features on 77 77 87 87.