Handy’s Security Systems Launches First Alarm System with Monthly Payments

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Bringing Affordable Alarm Technology to Homeowners and Small Business Owners

Handy’s Security Systems, a leader in innovative security solutions throughout Cyprus, has today become the first security solutions provider to offer alarm technology with affordable monthly payments and no ‘up front’ fees.  The move follows an impressive customer response to the release of the JABLOTRON AZOR GSM WIRELESS MINI ALARM SYSTEM earlier in the year, the first alarm system for Cyprus that is exceptionally uncomplicated with its distinctive features including ‘stress-free’ control and easy installation.  Ideal for family houses, apartments, and shops, the Azor GSM mini alarm consists of a set of wirelessly communicating devices, is configured for immediate use, and is now available in 18 monthly installments for only €39 per month!  For larger residential homes or office spaces, the AZOR GSM WIRELESS MINI ALARM PLUS KIT is now available in 18 monthly installments for only €49 per month!

Designed to keep costs down for your home and business, with just one competitive monthly payment, and without having to pay extra for installation, Handy’s Security System’s latest offer is designed around the way you live and at a fraction of the cost of its competitors with no ‘up front’ payments, no deposit, and no installation charge.

Crime is on the increase with burglaries being reported constantly. That is why it is more important than ever to protect your property and feel safe in your own home or business.  If you are away, or even if you are sleeping, your alarm will warn you if someone unknown is on your property.

The first revolutionary feature of the Azor system is that it’s a wireless device looking like an ordinary light switch.  The switch bears a symbol of a locked lock on the top and an unlocked lock on the bottom, just like your hall way lights!

A further evolutionary development is through getting out your mobile phone from your pocket and giving Azor a phone call.  If you are its owner it will recognise your telephone number and activate the clear sound of its voice menu allowing you to maintain control of your alarm system from wherever you are.

Handy’s Security Systems fantastic offer on the new Azor GSM mini alarm is open to all customers and includes VAT as well as installation.

 For further information on Handy’s Security Systems products and services, call 77 77 87 87 or visit www.handysecurity.com