Here are 6 Reasons why Staying at home has never felt safer!

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Spending so much time home during the past 12 months due to the pandemic has never felt safer using My Jablotron Alarm. Arming 😊 and disarming different areas to your alarm on whatever suits your mood, Don’t worry if its night, day, hot, cold or temporarily going out, you can also set up a section for you Dog, kids whatever suits your environment etc., here are six programmable ideas that will inspire you to feel safe 24/7

📌SECTION 1 DAY MODE: Enjoy the freedom while you’re at home reading, watching TV, cooking, housework etc. while your windows and doors are fully set.
📌SECTION 2 EXTERNAL SENSORS: Enjoy the freedom of opening your windows and doors for some fresh air and good sunlight while at the same time having your extremal motion sensors armed.
📌SECTION 3 NIGHT MODE: Enjoy a good night sleep while setting your external sensors, and arming your door and windows magnetic contacts, and also choosing other internal sensors that suits you.
📌SECTION 4 MY DOG MODE: Let your Dog have the freedom to move anywhere in your home while you quickly pop out to the supermarket—just arms all door and windows, external sensors.
📌SECTION 5 NO ONE HOME: Arm all the devises motion sensors externally and internally and magnetic contact on door and windows.
📌SECTION 6 CALL HANDY EMERGENCY: Enjoy staying connected 24 hours/7 days a week by just a pressing a button to connect to our Operators in an emergency.

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