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The most important project carried out by Handy’s Security systems last year, was the installation of closed circuit monitoring at a construction site Ayia Napa hotel in connection with the central monitoring station for 24-hour monitoring of the construction site.

The purpose of the project was to maximize cost savings up to 80%, compared to the standard cost that would be needed in construction site with the physical presence of a security guard with a 24-hour shift system.

The installation of security cameras at the entry points of the construction site as well also in places where there are building materials and machinery of value gives to Central station guard directly on the screen of the image and in case of detection of human movement or vehicle within predetermined points at the border or within the construction site using “video analytics” the operator analyzes the event and responds immediately.

The cameras were chosen in such a way as to offer to the guard of central station clear color image day and night with “starlight” technology so as not to lag behind the physical presence of a guard.

The system also allows the central station guard to zoom in live without delay the image so that it analyzes with detail important points at the time of the event to take immediate action.

The software selected in this project can detect human movement in predetermined places, vehicles, fire or smoke, behavior analysis, identification of persons and license plates, where give the information directly to the guard of the central station audio and visual so as not to waste valuable time for immediate intervention. Still gives the option to the owner at any time to access the system from mobile phone or computer for event log control, live image and access to playback of recorded videos.

The guard of the central station can at any time by pressing one button to sound the sirens installed on the construction site so that in case there is an intruder on the perimeter of the construction site to prevent him from any intrusion into the space. It can also speak in case he needs to use a microphone to intimidate the intruder.

Another advantage of the specific project we have implemented is that the system of cameras installed for the supervision of the construction site as well as the software used for monitoring and protection until the project is completed, can be used in the future when the hotel unit will be operational.

If there are points that should be checked for any offenders, such as perimeter night surveillance for tracking suspects inside or outside the hotel unit and point monitoring high risk such as warehouses, LPG storage points, engine rooms and parking.

In both cases there will be no use of security guards with a physical presence after the savings are made through it video monitoring which is 80% more economical. 2021 was a difficult year but we ensured smart, efficient and cost-effective solutions to offer our customers security and protection without compromises.

Today’s technology offers us the opportunity to centralize monitoring of countless premises from the central receiving station and this significantly reduces the cost to the customer as without physical presence of individuals the result in no way lags behind.


  • 80% Saving Over Traditional Surveillance
  • Videoanalytics Response
  • 24/7 Remote Monitoring