Terms & Conditions – Christmas Competition

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1. The company Handy’s Security Systems (hereinafter referred to as the “Organizer”) creates a contest entitled “Christmas Contest” (hereinafter referred to as the “Contest”).

2. Those who are permanent residents of Cyprus have the right to participate in the Competition.

3. The duration of the Competition is defined as the period from 13/12/2021, until 29/12/2021. The Organizer can change the duration of the competition with a relevant announcement on its website.

4. Terms of participation: Those who wish to participate in the Competition should comment on where you would like to be this Christmas and with whom you would like to spend this Christmas.

5. A valid participation is considered any participation in the Competition that follows the instructions of the terms and has been submitted within the dates of its holding.

6. The prize of the competition: 1 (one) lucky winner will win a complete JABLOTRON 101KR-LAN ALARM SYSTEM worth € 1300.00 (including VAT). The gift is personal and is not exchanged for money or other items.

7. The winner is announced through a lottery which will be held after the end of the competition at the offices of the Organizer and will be announced on 30/12/2021.

8. Exclusion of Competitors. Excluded from the Competition are those who fall into the following cases: a) the employees of the company of the Organizer, b) the persons of first degree kinship with the above employees as well as the spouses of these employees, c) those who use a pseudonym during the use of the social networking platform, as a result of which it is not possible to control the identity.

9. The name of the winner will be announced on the website of the Organizer with a special post. In order to receive the gift, the declaration of true details of the lucky winner is required. The lucky winner can be photographed upon receipt and his / her photo can be posted on the Organizer’s websites.

10. This contest is not affiliated with Facebook and Facebook has nothing to do with prizes and lotteries. Handy’s Security Systems is solely responsible for this competition.

Good luck! 🎅