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Without a maintenance agreement on your alarm system, there is a risk that your system will not be working properly, leaving you unprotected.

We are presenting to you the reasons why it’s important to have a maintenance contract, in the area where your alarm system has been installed as well as the risks you will be having from not renewing your yearly maintenance service.


1. Alarm system Monitoring signals are being received from Handy’s central monitoring station.

2. Remote Support of any faults and systems programming updates, by the operator of Handy’s Monitoring Station.

3. Service agreements cover free on-site visits during work hours and an extra discount granted on spare parts which are not covered by warranty.

4. Free battery replacement of the control panel and the external siren all other system’s devises (Pirs, Magnetic Contacts, etc).

5. Lubricating the system devices (magnetic contacts, motion detectors, etc.) and testing that they operate correctly.

6. Software upgrade of the alarm system to the latest version.

7. Testing that alarm systems are operating correctly when arming and disarming the system.

8. Entering and exiting the premise area, i.e. measurement for quick response and verification of the correct operation of the alarm system.

9. Alarm System visual check for any damages or devices that might be worn out.

10. Testing of all devices, motion detectors, smoke detectors, magnetic contacts, panic button and other devices of the system.

11. Testing the correct operation for informing the mobile devices of people who need to be notified in case of an alarm.

12. Testing the system’s communication with our 24-hour alarm receiving center for smooth operation, sending signals and receiving signals correctly.

13. Testing the alarm system communication of the sensors and peripheral devices with the control panel.

14. Keeping you updated on the new system upgrade capabilities and maximize your security.


The lack of maintenance of your alarm system can affect your daily life.

An alarm system that is not properly maintained, is perceived by potential burglars, as external sirens will be forming a sign of abandonment increasing the risks of danger.

Below you can see the problems that an unmaintained alarm system may present:

A) It may cause an unforeseen disturbance of your peace of mind at any time. (False alarm!!!!).

B) There is an increased risk of burglary if your alarm is turned off or inadequate maintenance is detected by burglars.

C) There is a risk of a technical alarm, system failure and the uncontrolled activation of the siren, or a problem with the sensors and / or magnets or the keypad at any time.

D) There is a risk that in the event of a burglary, the alarm system will not be able to provide sufficient coverage.